Small Business Loans & Grants

The heartbeat of your business... CASH FLOW

From restaurants to graphic design firms to manufacturers and all industries in between... all businesses have one thing in common: They require business financing.

While businesses of all sizes rely on bright ideas, strong leadership, and consumer satisfaction to succeed, they also need proper financing.  Different business financing options feature specific qualifying criteria.


Searching for Financing Options

Business owners seeking financing often turn to the same sources, including banks, credit cards, and loans from friends and family. Unfortunately, these options can hinder a business before it even has a chance to flourish.  In today’s economic world, it’s that much harder to receive the financing your business needs from traditional lenders like banks, and those who do qualify may find they’re dealing with stringent loan terms and uncompromising repayment conditions.

Meanwhile, credit cards may provide owners with the small business financing they require in the short term, but they also often come with high-interest rates that can drive up debt and lead to major financial headaches down the line.

Finally, while friends and family can often be counted on to support a business endeavor, mixing money and personal relationships is asking a lot. Fortunately, there is still a wealth of options for business financing available to owners across the country.

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