Humberto Hernandez


70% of bank loan applications are declined.

Who we are:

After spending 14 years in the banking industry, most recently as a Commercial Banker, Humberto noticed the one constant commonality among all business owners he spoke to... the need for money.

In 2017, Humberto founded American Profit Consulting to change that statistic. Since then we’ve used unique insider knowledge gained from working in both national and community/local banks to navigate the entire loan application process for our clients from structuring the loan request to negotiating rates and terms all the way to closing. Humbly, we can state that we have had a 100% success rate in assisting our clients get approved for capital.

If you are a business owner in need of money, looking for startup capital to fund your dream, or are a bank representative having to decline a client’s loan request, we believe you owe it to yourself to call me at (619) 836-0267. We think you’ll be happy you did.

Why us? - Insider Knowledge & Pricing

"After having spent over 14 years in banking and having funded over $150,000,000 in business loans, I've learned how banks want loan requests to be packaged and structured, I know how banks will underwrite your loan request, I know how to talk to underwriters to help them feel comfortable with your loan package, I even know how to negotiate things most people don't know are negotiable. I navigate the entire loan process and negotiate excellent pricing on your behalf using insider information to yield unprecedented savings.

- Humberto Hernandez, President

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